When i am gone,just carry on, don’t mourn….

People are strange, they curse you, use you, betray you, envy you if you become successful, can’t see you happy or doing fine in your life but when you are gone from this world, they start counting your qualities, start mourning over you.Everything become so perfect about you after you bid goodbye to this world and people for forever.

Isn’t it a hypocrite behaviour??The person you can’t even stand with when he was alive, is the same person you are mourning over when he is no more. And we are not doing it with others but with our family members also. We disrespect our parents, take them for granted, leave them alone when they need us the most. We forget how they used to treat us when we needed them, they sacrifice each and every thing in life for us, many of them live apart from each other just for their children’s future. They feed us first whether anything is left for them or not. And when they are gone, they are gone. We regret our behaviour,we pray for their comeback so that we can spend more time with them,we give them as much as happiness that we can.

We all know that this thing will happen to all of us, but the question is when? No one can tell what will happen the next moment. If we know the end then why don’t we live our life like we don’t have any regrets in the end,living each and every moment peacefully throughout. Life is not needed to be long, but to be large!!

We don’t talk anymore…..

I still remember how it all started and you became the most important person in my life. You were my world.,my heart and my life. All my love, my emotions, my feelings were for you and only you. Those late night calls and talking about how our day passed is still in my mind.

But all those days were short lived or maybe I was the one who was unable to recognise your true intentions. For me all the things that you were saying to me were true and I trusted you blindly inspite of seeing your actions going against your words. And after sometime your words also became a lie. I suffered a lot, cried a lot, and lost myself afer being with you. A person cannot hide his true face or intentions for a long time and after one month of sugar coating the things and pretending your feelings, your true personality started showing up. The pain and torture that I had gone through was immense but the most painful part of the story is, all that i suffered was only because i loved you whole heartedly. Was loving someone truely is that big mistake?

I just want to say that if you say someone that you love them then mean it. Don’t just jump from person to person destroying their outlook on love and feelings for your time pass. Learn some compassion, learn to respect feelings and emotions of others if you want to be respected yours. If you can use someone’s emotions for your fun then someone can use yours also, be careful, its all about karma.Don’t play with feelings and emotions because when someone’s true feelings are screwed up then they become emotionless, their self worth and outlook about themselves get destroyed,they trust people less and it will impact their future relationships as well.

Say whatever you mean, whatever you feel. Don’t fool people and disrespect their feelings. If you love someone then mean it, if you don’t, mean it as well. Don’t play around with people’s emotions as you will get to know you were playing with yourself only, screwing up your life in the end.

You have to decide now.

You have to decide right now right here whether you want to go far in life breaking all your myths, doubts about yourself or you want to sit back all day long dreaming about the things but doing nothing to achieve them and then crying for the rest of your life. Wake up, Wake up, just wake up dude..this is your time, this is your opportunity, this is your everything. Go give it a shot, don’t sit back, don’t lose hope. You are young, you are passionate, you are skillful theb what are you waiting for.Go make it happen.

Don’t let your past disappointments determine your future life. Nothing you have or failed to do in the past can stop you from creating a hugely successful future, starting right now.Make the commitment to leave the past behind.You should only use it as a motivation to push you forward.You are more than capable of becoming successful just remember Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future, believe in yourself and TAKE ACTION.

Remember that if you keep on doing the same things again and again, you will get the same results over and over again.Your life will change the moment you decide it is time to change, its that simple. It all starts with a thought, with an idea,and based on that the action you will take will lead you in a different and new direction.

Your life is what you make it. Your present life is the result of all the choices you have made up until this moment. You are the only one who is responsible for where are you right now, for how your life looks like, for how you are being treated by those around you and for the level of happiness and unhappiness present in your life. If you want to change the quality if your life then you have to start by taking the responsibility for everything! YES EVERYTHING!!

Get up, just get up and go chase your dreams, do whatever to wanted to do in your life. Take risks and make it happen. YOU ARE A CHAMPION!!

Don’t let someone dim your light.

You are a diamond dear, don’t let someone dim your light.You are a beautiful person inside and outside. Maybe the situations and the world feels hopeless right now, but I know you will rise and shine facing all the difficulties and getting through them all. Maybe you are not feeling right and the world seems to be falling apart for you, but its only temporary dear. Each and every person go through this phase in life. But you know that after sunset, there is always a sunrise. After darkness, there always come light.

Maybe the darkness you are facing right now is only to make you realise the value of light. You will soon step out of this darkness making yourself stronger. This is the time when you have to be your best version and face everything with courage. You have to be your strongest in your weakest. All the difficulties, hardships you are facing right now are giving you strength for your future.

Let your light shine today, and let your personality blossom too. You don’t have to be a people-pleaser, just a people-lover. So, when life feels too hard and the world feels hopeless, take heart. The best gift you can gift everyone around you is your own courage to shine, to help, to rise, to be true to who you want to be.

At the end, I just want to say that.. Stars don’t shine because they want to be seen. They shine because they are stars.

You are life my dear, you are everything you need. Keep shining.

Why so serious??

Stressing over something happening in life. Taking each and everything personally without knowing yourself completely. Comparing yourself with others, feeling inferior, incompetent and under confident. Feeling exausted as you have been rejected many a times. Losing hope each day and doubting your worth that you are not capable of doing anything.

Just chill dude!! Take a chill!! You have poisoned your mind with so many negative thoughts, and making your life even worse. Its not life which is unfair or harsh to you, but you who is making your life harsh by your own thoughts. Stop comparing yourself with each and everyone you see and doubting your worth. You don’t know what plans life has for you. You are here disappointing over that cripy job from where you are rejected, and the life is planning a glorifing experience for you. You are losing hope thinking that there is nothing left to live for and God is here seeing your pain and disappointments and giving you strength to endure everything. You are a creature of God my dear. Stop exausting yourself over some cripy things whether its that shitty job, rejection, criticism. Try to learn from each and everything, try making yourself better everyday in life.

Stop comparing yourself with others and start comparing yourself with you and only you. Your competition is not the world but only you. Make yourself competent and you will be stress free from the competition. You only feel stressed when you are incompetent, so rather comparing yourself with others, start working on yourself and you will be on top of the world!!

Let people live their life and embrace yourself for the great, glorifing life ahead. You are awesome my darling!

Forgive people by forgetting them..

I don’t know who wants to hear this but yes we have to forgive people who are not even sorry for their wrong doings for the peace of our mind. If you keep cursing them for all the bad things they have done to you,then it will not affect them in any way but your own happiness.

Ask yourself some questions,do they deserve any kind of attention from you? Do they deserve to be in your mind in any way? Do they deserve your time that you are wasting thinking about them? They have wasted your enough time and now they don’t deserve to be in your life and in your mind in any way.

Let them go wherever they want to. There is a strong reason of why they are not with you.Always remember one thing my dear.. If you are getting what you want then its God’s blessing to you, but if you are not getting what you want,then its God’s protection for you. I am firm believer that whatever happens in life, happens for a reason and for our well being. We don’t realize this when all the things are happening but we realize this later.

People who have hurt you will end up hurting themselves, but that doesn’t mean you have ti hurt them or to take revenge from them. Just move on in your life silently making yourself proud.

Don’t blame yourself for the things that have not worked, its not your mistake my dear. People who betrayed you, lied to you, hurt you are raised that way. Normal people don’t go around hurting other people.

They don’t deserve you and they never did, thats why they are not with you anymore. They will get what they deserve eventually. You are priceless my dear, do you think they can afford your love and emotions?? Naahhh..

Hold your head high and go conquer the world. You are so damn powerful.

I Love You.

Do not go back..

Do not go back to someone who broke you apart, not tomorrow, not in 5 years, not in 10. A person who treated you terribly will do it again and again.

Hold yourself strongly and keep moving on. You are doing great, don’t doubt yourself and your actions. I know its difficult and painful as hell but staying with the person who is unfaithful, lier, manupulative, careless is like dieing each and everyday,you will not be able to live your life. Each day you will cry for the person who doesn’t even mind losing you.Do you want to spend your life like this or with this kind of person? I know you love that person and it will be very difficult for you to walk away but thats the only option you left with now. If you don’t take action of leaving them even after seeing their true colours and inconsistent behaviour,then they will leave you as soon as they get another one destroying your self confidence and worth.

Start taking action in your life,and take pride on your actions and decisions. Don’t allow others to control your life. You will put yourself in trouble each and everytime whenever you put the key of your happiness in others pocket.You can’t waste your whole life begging for love from someone who don’t even deserve your heart.

Don’t lose your mind oversome who doesn’t mind losing you, you will only lose yourself trying to hold them. People who doesn’t value you, deserve to lose you. If they would have loved you like they said, then they wouldn’t treated you like they did. Words lie, actions don’t.

Don’t make a fool of yourself being faithful to someone who is not. Stop being so forgiving each time, people know exactly what they are doing. You will only lose your self respect proving your love to them and begging them to stay in your life. Make a decision today, leave that toxic person and never look back again.

You deserve a person who will love you for who you are, a person who will love you inside and outside,who appreciate and respect you. Until you find that person, you are enough, you are everything you need.

You are beautiful.

Wake me up when its all over…..

Wake me up when people start loving each other,otherwise just let me sleep. .

Wake me up when people start missing God not just when they need something, but also when they have everything.

Wake me up when people start behaving genuinely, no double face, no jealousy,otherwise just let me sleep.

Wake me up when people start showing kindness and generosity to other creatures on this beautiful planet.

Wake me up when people start beleiving how blessed they are.

Wake me up when people start loving genuinely with all their heart, no mind games, no manipulation.

Wake me up when people start becoming happy by seeing others success and growth.

Wake me up when people start respecting themselves, their life and their existence.

Wake me up when people stop doubting their worth, talent,individuality and start believing themselves.

Until that don’t wake me up, let me sleep…. Because I can’t take more. Please wake me up when its all over Wake me up when its all over…….

Don’t make a fool of yourself…

Be understanding, be forgiving but don’t make a fool of yourself being faithful to someone who is not. You don’t look mature, smart, loyal or intelligent by keeping yourself stuck in a toxic relationship or a situation. People are not going to give you a medal or some trophy for making sincere efforts and loosing yourself in a relationship. If you are loosing your everything, and by ‘everything’ I don’t mean materialistic things, what I mean is your self confidence, self worth, self respect, your passion, your self esteem,your values, all these are more precious and valueable than any materialistic thing my dear, and if you are loosing these, it means you are loosing you as a whole.

Being able to understand others, showing gratitude, kindness and compassion are essential values that a person should have, but you should also be able to understand yourself, you have to be kind and compassionate to yourself also. You can’t spend your whole life half lived,or in confusion that if someone loves you or not.When someone truly loves you, then there will be no confusion in your mind if he or she loves you or not. Do your parents make you feel like that?? Naah..

True love is eternal and infinite and when someone come in your life with the same good intentions and heart as yours, that day you will realize what love is all about. That day you realize that you were worthy of immense love which your past relationships found hard to give you.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t do anything for your relationship to work out as every relation go through a rough phase,that doesn’t mean you should give up on someone just because of a petty issue.But you have to make sure that you are not the only one who is making all the efforts and the other person is just sitting beside watching you crying everyday. That effort should be mutual my dear. One sided love or emotion can destroy you mentally and emotionally. You have invested your so much time, emotions and feelings on someone that not getting the same importance, love and respect even after giving your soul and heart to someone, it hurts, it really hurts..

So,before loving someone else you should learn to love yourself first as you need yourself till the end of your life. You should be able to see your worth not from others perspective but from yours, so that you know your standards and become able to say ‘NO’ to anything or anyone that doesn’t helps you to grow or makes you happy.

You don’t have to wait for someone to love you, just love yourself enough, the world will start loving you.

Rise my dear…

You have to be strong..

You have to be strong dear,and that strongness will come from within. You have to believe in yourself, you have to be truthful to you.In this world, you can escape from anything but not from yourself. You have to spend your whole life not with someone else but with you. So, you have to do the best for yourself. You have to walk away from any relationship, person or situation that threaten your peace of mind, your dignity or your self respect.We often lose our own self while loving others or because of the fear that the people we love don’t leave us. But you have to understand that if you are giving your everything and compromising certain things for them, then they would be doing the same for you if they genuinely love you. If you are the only one who is doing all the effort then my boy/girl you are just wasting your energy and emotions.

I am not saying that you have to jump from relationship to relationship, but you have to put your energy on things that helps you to grow emotionally, mentally, financially. You can’t dwell into past for that long,because you actually don’t have that extra time to waste thinking about anything or anyone that didn’t worked out for you. You are young and thats the time when you have to invest in yourself. You have to make yourself financially stable whether you are a male or female.You can’t stay depressed for 1 or 2 years and not get out of your house, meeting new people, working somewhere just because you have experienced something bad.

You have to think about youself now. You have to get up fighting your demons each and everyday, setting your goals high and keep smashing them day in and day out. Now its your time, now its your turn my darling to show the world what you are made up of. Its not the time to sit back and cry over someone or something, enough is enough.. Go and show the world what you have got. This world need more people like you and here you are who is doubting your worth, thinking yourself a trash. Don’t you dare think like that. You are a diamond my dear, you are unbreakable, you are worthy.

Just get out of your comfort zone and start exploring the world, you will get immense opportunities to lighten the world and your life also. You are talented, but the only thing is that you are not recognising it. Be your bestfriend, be your favourite dear because the most important person you need in this world is ‘you’and only ‘you’.

Get up my boy, get up my girl and be ‘unstoppable‘..

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